Photographic memory :)

The human memory is more powerful than the best computer that human kind will ever build.

Let me explain..

Our brain helps us conjure up a memory so vividly, like you can touch it. It comes to you not only with imagery but the sensory impact as well. The photograph will also be instagrammed in the sepia hue you imagine it to be. You can see it in different angles,  see all the people involved in it,  hear their laughter and also see their expressions.

It can bring back memories from so many years ago in an instant, without you having to trawl through endless folders looking for that one image that captures that moment perfectly.

It also brings back pieces from different times that you can weave together to make a story. It’s your own movie, with the characters you want and your story.

Actual photographs definitely have their place in capturing a moment, but your brain needs to evoke the emotions in that moment to make it real.

There aren’t always good memories. There are definitely some sad,  some bad ones also buried in there. But, hopefully you will be able to accumulate more happy ones so you can remember the others a little less.

So, the next time you are caught between taking a picture so as to not forget or being in the moment, what will you choose to do?



Silence is golden!

No, not just when you are watching a movie at the cinema, in life too 🙂

Have you ever felt this infinite peace and calm when there is silence all around you? If it happens for an extended period of time, it will probably bore you out! But, it’s great in healthy doses..

This whole week has been so relaxing and probably with the appropriate required amount of golden drops of silence.  It has been mostly quiet — (and I do pause for a moment and think — is it the weather, am I getting old!), how is the usually over-active and restless me so happy with this pace of life.

I feel appreciative of this time maybe because it is in such contrast to the daily buzz that goes on throughout the year. You’re always doing something, rushing toward the next thing: rush hour drive, work in the morning, to the gym, pending house work, planning weekend activities, holidays, phone calls to be made and the list goes on. But right now, it has been just the right mix of everything else — meeting up with friends, dinners, movies, books and then just spending time not doing much at all.

As this year draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on the happenings of the year and it is nice to be feeling happy and thankful. There are always ups and downs and things you loved and some you didn’t get a kick out of. But, if at the end of the year you can ponder over and have mostly a good feeling, you are in a great place.

I could not have asked for a better way to end the year 🙂

P.S. Happy holidays everyone!

Sad goodbye to Gossip Girl XOXO

“The only thing lamer than dating Dan Humphrey…is mourning Dan Humphrey”


Ha..Blair, that’s why we love you! Only you could say something like that with a slight bob of your head and that expression.

I, for one am really sad to bid goodbye to Gossip Girl. I didn’t watch it for 6 whole years or grow up with them or anything.

I was hooked on it for the fashion to begin with, the plot was usually going nowhere, but the characters slowly became endearing and it usually had tons of action packed in each episode to keep things interesting.

Blair and Serena – best friends? Not so much all the time. Saw them take plenty of stabs at each other, privately and publicly. But, they did always find their way back to each other. Maybe, that’s what best friends are about.

Dan – a character with many shades, a true chameleon of a person. He made his way into the Upper East Side crowd persistently, got some personal benefit out of it too with his book,  mostly his methods were quite questionable but I guess he found true love in the end.

Chuck Bass – where do you go with those drunk eyes 24/7. Although, he seemed like a dark person, he was probably the one with the straightest intentions.

And Nate, the cute face.

30 Rock also ended after 7 years, and I did enjoy watching that show – it gave me a ton of laughs. But, for some reason I don’t feel like I will miss it as much, watching re-runs of their episodes will suffice. Maybe, it’s because it wasn’t a saga of characters in continuity that pulled you in to their lives while you were watching.

Manicure – overrated..umm..really?

newsprint-manicureSo you read in magazines or online sometimes, that a manicure is overrated as a salon service and is something one could easily do at home.

Excuse me please, but I do beg to differ.

Let’s start with the warm bowl of water that you dip your hands into, right — no big deal. I can get over that part. Then there’s the rubbing of a few different lotions and things to soften your hands and cuticles. I would not a) know all of these things to use b) own them c) remember the sequence to use them in

And then, the main part — the cuticle clipping. Lady, if you can do that to yourself — I imagine you as a more menacing version of Wonder Woman and if you can do it with precision and come out with no bleeds, you are a force to reckon with!

There is no way I am holding a pair of cuticle scissors and going at it myself.

My sweet Vietnamese lady then gets this warm towel to hold my hands in, and you do need another pair of hands to accomplish that.

Then comes choosing from the rows and rows of OPIs and Essies. Does anyone, anyone out there own even half that many colors. Yes, there are mostly shades of reds and pinks when you step back and take a look at the wall, but if you look hard enough, you will also find that exclusive plum, olive or burgundy (yes, the different one!) hiding in there.

It is the one that you don’t have, the one you’ve been looking for forever and are so glad to have on your nails for a week.

And I have never ever applied nail paint that comes out looking like it does after a salon manicure.

Now, I know that a bottle of nail paint is $8-$14 compared to a manicure at a salon and will last much longer. But really, how can you outweigh a manicure with one bottle of nail paint. Maybe, it’s just that feeling of slight luxury, of being there and having someone take care of your hands and nails.

For $12 (for a basic mani, gels are more but also last longer) I’m not complaining!

10 things that make me happy!

Why would I want to write about 10 things that make me happy and why would you be interested in reading about it? 


No, I am certainly not writing out of self-obsession or wanting to educate you about things that take me over the moon. 

I have been reading ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin. It brings up some great points, many that one has thought about or encountered in their life, and many new ones that are worth pondering over. Some really resonated with me – to some I remember thinking – I knew I was right about that, and it’s good to know that it works for others too!

One thing that rings out is to know what makes you truly happy, to know yourself and then go forth and indulge in this happiness. 

This is not the main message of the book, nor the main point and the others sort of flow into the above for me so this is how I am putting it together. 


1) Cherishing my life, family and friends

2) Being social 

3) Trying something new, enjoying novel experiences

4) To enjoy being myself, not apologize for who I am 

5) Appreciate — look for the good in people, situations and things

6) Being outdoors, Being active 

7) Letting go. Being light. Being open. Be loving. 

8) Do everything I do with vigor, enthusiasm and all my passion

9) Do for others what I would like to, not make too much of it and to not expect anything out of it. Do it because it makes me happy

10) Make time for people that matter to me 

All of these things truly make me a happier person and I vow to try and be and do all of these things, as what is one if not happy? 



How well do you know yourself and what makes you happy? 


Google Now – Wow!

Have you seen Google Now? I saw it pop-up on my phone today and as with most Google offerings, I thought I would give it a whirl. 
So it’s not the smartest thing they could have ever come out with — technically. But, bringing it all together — its like 20 apps in one. And it was all right there — that’s the beauty of it. It’s email on fire. 
There’s traffic information for your daily commute — gleaned from google maps. Not amazed yet? 
Alright, I’m going to keep going. 
There’s one that will show you shipping alerts from all the online shopping you’ve been doing. I like!. Another that shows me upcoming concerts from my favorite artists. I want to see if I hear it first on the radio or Google Now!
Travel –  hotels, flight bookings. That’s nice – can be made much more useful by adding  information like flight status, terminal information  and suggesting restaurants (Zagat rated!) around my hotel. 
Want to be my PA? I’ll tell you how ;)
Events, restaurant booking — decent enough. Show me where to park and good parking deals when I get there. Suggest a restaurant if I’m going for a theater show. 
Public transport schedules when I’m near a public transport stop. Anywhere in the world? Even when I’m traveling? Sounds good! 
I am looking for more, much much more. But, it sounds like a great starting point. 
I am hoping e this one will not be a Buzz or Plus but pure magic, the Google Way :D

The much awaited Neiman Marcus + Target collaboration collection

Is it just me or was the much touted Neiman Marcus + Target collaboration the most overrated thing to come out this year?

There were great expectations from all around —  people couldn’t stop talking about it – ads , magazines and oh – the fashion blogs. drooling all over it.  24 top designers  Neiman Marcus style releasing a special line of ‘limited’ products to Target — what’s not to like?
My first disappointment was that all the TV ads, magazine coverage articles that I read about it looked like previews. But no. that was it, the whole entire collection. 60 pieces, that’s it.
And mind you, not 60 each of clothes, accessories, shoes, home ware, children’s clothes. 60 in all.
I’m sorry but when you divvy that up into all these categories, it doesn’t leave much out there. I’m not going to be happy to choose from 1 of each!
But none the less, most items were sold out before mid-day, obviously to be found on eBay later. No, I haven’t looked, but I’m sure they are there. just like the items form other Target designer collaborations.
Secondly, of course the actual items. Tory Burch lunch box..really? Who thinks that’s fashionable. The next time I consider buying a lunch box, I will consider myself a little designer anyway, thank you very much.
There were probably like 2 tops to choose from, one similar to a top I’ve bought over 4 years go. (Sorry, Leila Rowe). The Rag + Bone shot glasses and Altuzarra fancy glasses weren’t half bad but I don’t know that I would pay that much for them, and oh the packing paper.
Well, I could go on..but you get my drift — Not Impressed!