The much awaited Neiman Marcus + Target collaboration collection

Is it just me or was the much touted Neiman Marcus + Target collaboration the most overrated thing to come out this year?

There were great expectations from all around —  people couldn’t stop talking about it – ads , magazines and oh – the fashion blogs. drooling all over it.  24 top designers  Neiman Marcus style releasing a special line of ‘limited’ products to Target — what’s not to like?
My first disappointment was that all the TV ads, magazine coverage articles that I read about it looked like previews. But no. that was it, the whole entire collection. 60 pieces, that’s it.
And mind you, not 60 each of clothes, accessories, shoes, home ware, children’s clothes. 60 in all.
I’m sorry but when you divvy that up into all these categories, it doesn’t leave much out there. I’m not going to be happy to choose from 1 of each!
But none the less, most items were sold out before mid-day, obviously to be found on eBay later. No, I haven’t looked, but I’m sure they are there. just like the items form other Target designer collaborations.
Secondly, of course the actual items. Tory Burch lunch box..really? Who thinks that’s fashionable. The next time I consider buying a lunch box, I will consider myself a little designer anyway, thank you very much.
There were probably like 2 tops to choose from, one similar to a top I’ve bought over 4 years go. (Sorry, Leila Rowe). The Rag + Bone shot glasses and Altuzarra fancy glasses weren’t half bad but I don’t know that I would pay that much for them, and oh the packing paper.
Well, I could go on..but you get my drift — Not Impressed!

4 thoughts on “The much awaited Neiman Marcus + Target collaboration collection

  1. Good to read your blog. Nice to know you’ve started writing..

    You have that thing in you. I’m sure everyone’s gonna love it.
    Just be regular with it…

  2. So I was wrong about the collection selling out — that was based on the performance of their previous collections. But, the fact that this collaboration was disappointing has been echoed by many.

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