Google Now – Wow!

Have you seen Google Now? I saw it pop-up on my phone today and as with most Google offerings, I thought I would give it a whirl. 
So it’s not the smartest thing they could have ever come out with — technically. But, bringing it all together — its like 20 apps in one. And it was all right there — that’s the beauty of it. It’s email on fire. 
There’s traffic information for your daily commute — gleaned from google maps. Not amazed yet? 
Alright, I’m going to keep going. 
There’s one that will show you shipping alerts from all the online shopping you’ve been doing. I like!. Another that shows me upcoming concerts from my favorite artists. I want to see if I hear it first on the radio or Google Now!
Travel –  hotels, flight bookings. That’s nice – can be made much more useful by adding  information like flight status, terminal information  and suggesting restaurants (Zagat rated!) around my hotel. 
Want to be my PA? I’ll tell you how ;)
Events, restaurant booking — decent enough. Show me where to park and good parking deals when I get there. Suggest a restaurant if I’m going for a theater show. 
Public transport schedules when I’m near a public transport stop. Anywhere in the world? Even when I’m traveling? Sounds good! 
I am looking for more, much much more. But, it sounds like a great starting point. 
I am hoping e this one will not be a Buzz or Plus but pure magic, the Google Way :D

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