10 things that make me happy!

Why would I want to write about 10 things that make me happy and why would you be interested in reading about it? 


No, I am certainly not writing out of self-obsession or wanting to educate you about things that take me over the moon. 

I have been reading ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin. It brings up some great points, many that one has thought about or encountered in their life, and many new ones that are worth pondering over. Some really resonated with me – to some I remember thinking – I knew I was right about that, and it’s good to know that it works for others too!

One thing that rings out is to know what makes you truly happy, to know yourself and then go forth and indulge in this happiness. 

This is not the main message of the book, nor the main point and the others sort of flow into the above for me so this is how I am putting it together. 


1) Cherishing my life, family and friends

2) Being social 

3) Trying something new, enjoying novel experiences

4) To enjoy being myself, not apologize for who I am 

5) Appreciate — look for the good in people, situations and things

6) Being outdoors, Being active 

7) Letting go. Being light. Being open. Be loving. 

8) Do everything I do with vigor, enthusiasm and all my passion

9) Do for others what I would like to, not make too much of it and to not expect anything out of it. Do it because it makes me happy

10) Make time for people that matter to me 

All of these things truly make me a happier person and I vow to try and be and do all of these things, as what is one if not happy? 



How well do you know yourself and what makes you happy? 



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