Manicure – overrated..umm..really?

newsprint-manicureSo you read in magazines or online sometimes, that a manicure is overrated as a salon service and is something one could easily do at home.

Excuse me please, but I do beg to differ.

Let’s start with the warm bowl of water that you dip your hands into, right — no big deal. I can get over that part. Then there’s the rubbing of a few different lotions and things to soften your hands and cuticles. I would not a) know all of these things to use b) own them c) remember the sequence to use them in

And then, the main part — the cuticle clipping. Lady, if you can do that to yourself — I imagine you as a more menacing version of Wonder Woman and if you can do it with precision and come out with no bleeds, you are a force to reckon with!

There is no way I am holding a pair of cuticle scissors and going at it myself.

My sweet Vietnamese lady then gets this warm towel to hold my hands in, and you do need another pair of hands to accomplish that.

Then comes choosing from the rows and rows of OPIs and Essies. Does anyone, anyone out there own even half that many colors. Yes, there are mostly shades of reds and pinks when you step back and take a look at the wall, but if you look hard enough, you will also find that exclusive plum, olive or burgundy (yes, the different one!) hiding in there.

It is the one that you don’t have, the one you’ve been looking for forever and are so glad to have on your nails for a week.

And I have never ever applied nail paint that comes out looking like it does after a salon manicure.

Now, I know that a bottle of nail paint is $8-$14 compared to a manicure at a salon and will last much longer. But really, how can you outweigh a manicure with one bottle of nail paint. Maybe, it’s just that feeling of slight luxury, of being there and having someone take care of your hands and nails.

For $12 (for a basic mani, gels are more but also last longer) I’m not complaining!


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