Sad goodbye to Gossip Girl XOXO

“The only thing lamer than dating Dan Humphrey…is mourning Dan Humphrey”


Ha..Blair, that’s why we love you! Only you could say something like that with a slight bob of your head and that expression.

I, for one am really sad to bid goodbye to Gossip Girl. I didn’t watch it for 6 whole years or grow up with them or anything.

I was hooked on it for the fashion to begin with, the plot was usually going nowhere, but the characters slowly became endearing and it usually had tons of action packed in each episode to keep things interesting.

Blair and Serena – best friends? Not so much all the time. Saw them take plenty of stabs at each other, privately and publicly. But, they did always find their way back to each other. Maybe, that’s what best friends are about.

Dan – a character with many shades, a true chameleon of a person. He made his way into the Upper East Side crowd persistently, got some personal benefit out of it too with his book,  mostly his methods were quite questionable but I guess he found true love in the end.

Chuck Bass – where do you go with those drunk eyes 24/7. Although, he seemed like a dark person, he was probably the one with the straightest intentions.

And Nate, the cute face.

30 Rock also ended after 7 years, and I did enjoy watching that show – it gave me a ton of laughs. But, for some reason I don’t feel like I will miss it as much, watching re-runs of their episodes will suffice. Maybe, it’s because it wasn’t a saga of characters in continuity that pulled you in to their lives while you were watching.


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