Photographic memory :)

The human memory is more powerful than the best computer that human kind will ever build.

Let me explain..

Our brain helps us conjure up a memory so vividly, like you can touch it. It comes to you not only with imagery but the sensory impact as well. The photograph will also be instagrammed in the sepia hue you imagine it to be. You can see it in different angles,  see all the people involved in it,  hear their laughter and also see their expressions.

It can bring back memories from so many years ago in an instant, without you having to trawl through endless folders looking for that one image that captures that moment perfectly.

It also brings back pieces from different times that you can weave together to make a story. It’s your own movie, with the characters you want and your story.

Actual photographs definitely have their place in capturing a moment, but your brain needs to evoke the emotions in that moment to make it real.

There aren’t always good memories. There are definitely some sad,  some bad ones also buried in there. But, hopefully you will be able to accumulate more happy ones so you can remember the others a little less.

So, the next time you are caught between taking a picture so as to not forget or being in the moment, what will you choose to do?



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