Someone asked me recently what one would wear those first pair of oxfords with. I thought they were the cutest things and could go with so many different outfits. So, here’s featuring variations on the oxfords trend and how they can be worn.


Poem pattern dress, $93 / By Malene Birger short shirt, $150 / Scotch & Soda polka dot shirt, $41 / Dorothy Perkins jersey jacket / rag & bone cotton shorts, $200 / Miss Selfridge printed skirt / Vintage Shoe Company vintage style shoes / Splendid suede oxford / Dune lace up heels, $66

Recreate Reese Witherspoon’s look

Freshly Styled

Rock Reese’s style as she steps out and about!

Get the look: Reese Witherspoon

Vanessa Bruno Athé longsleeve dress, $385 / Sam Edelman booties / rag & bone leather satchel / Effy Collection circle pendant / Chloé acetate sunglasses, $195

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Flower Power! Outfit #1 – floral skirt

Freshly Styled

You know the old adage that when you buy a new piece of clothing, you should ensure that it goes with 3 other pieces of clothing that you already own. Or you could be staring at it a long time, many times and it may end up in the donation bin with the tag still on it!

So, I will style one key piece 3 ways to show the versatility of an item that is unique but can be worn a lot rather than on those single occasions that you end up wearing it in the same combination.

Floral skirt - 3 ways

J.Crew short sleeve blouse / Miss Selfridge jumper sweater / T By Alexander Wang silk top / A|Wear floral print skirt, $20 / Madison Harding mid heels / Miss Selfridge high heel pumps / Oasis quilted shoulder bag, $48 / Chloé mini handbag / Vintage style handbag / Witchery

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Music Inspiration – What makes you beautiful


Hey, the popularity contest is over. Didn’t get the memo?

It was over a while ago. It’s all about you now. It’s always been. It’s all those insecure people that have nothing but that sense of ‘belonging’ anchoring them that live by them anyway. You? You could stand out on your own, out there on a cliff with waves crashing about you, and stand strong through it.

Did you forget the time you were fun, all on your own too? Karaoke with a hairbrush, Sunday morning brunches, walks on the beach, sitting by the window sill making crazy art, or prancing about..that was all you! What happened?

No time?
Had kids?
Grew up??

So what!

Did someone give you a checklist of what you need to be when you’re all grown up? No! It’s yours to write.

These are the things that made you, you. And you have to continue being that person. You don’t enjoy all the things your friends/family/everyone else does and neither do they, but if we all started blending into each other’s likes and dislikes, we would all be one giant mass of goop!

So, remember those times that you forgot about the rest of the world and smiled by yourself. Do that thing again. Take the time out, it might take an effort in the beginning. It’s a change and may not come easy but you can do it. It is what’s going to keep that spark alive and keep you going as you keep getting older and older 😉

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Leather Skirt

I have seen the ubiquitous leather skirt pop up on fashion blog after fashion blog this year. So here it is, styled. It can we worn with a button up, polka dot shirt, striped top,  florals..almost a staple!

The Leather Skirt

FOSSIL chambray shirt / Green shirt / Long shirt / Peplum top / Ventcouvert leather skirt, $740 / Kaliko leather skirt, $110 / H&M , $96 / Leather mini skirt / Oasis faux leather skirt, $14

The Chunky Knit

The chunky knit has been a staple this winter, and it has been my favorite go to for comfy, casual weekend or even on a weekday when temperatures drop. It can easily be dressed up or down.
See here how you can take it from a weekday to a weekend outfit.



The Chunky Knit

Oasis cableknit sweater, $29 / Dolce & Gabbana knee length pencil skirt / Loose shorts / Madison Harding thigh boots / Short heels / Jimmy Choo leather cross body handbag / Banana Republic cross body shoulder bag / Astley Clarke butterfly jewelry, $955 / Chanel medallion necklace

The thing that changed

I have no bucket list for life and no resolutions for every new year that comes by. That is not to say that I don’t have wishes and just go about in the humdrum of life.  I still believe in getting the most out of my time. In fact, sometimes I will wring the life out of some weekends with one event after the other!

But, something hit me and last year and made me stop and think. Did keeping one crazy busy suffice for one’s happiness?  

To figure this out, I made myself think consciously about what makes me happy. I asked myself — what is stopping me — life is to be happy, that is one’s goal and purpose in life, and decided that I am going to do anything and everything possible to make it so. Once you start thinking about this, you need to make time for and take steps towards doing these things that bring you joy.  I guess it was a good thing, as it resulted in this

1) started running (a task I previously thought impossible, I did not run a marathon or even a half marathon but I started running)

2) joined a meditation group (this gives me immense peace and happiness, thank you Eve!)

3) went zip lining (this was something I had wanted to do forever, thought it was easy, went to do it and encountered my intense fear of heights, almost cried and wouldn’t do it and then had a ton of fun doing it)

4) tried surf boarding (this looked interesting and I wanted to give it a try)

5) read more books (this is a thing that makes me happy so it is an indulgence)

6) tried many new recipes (i just like trying new things, so this is fun)

7) did a photography class (just because)

8) started writing this blog (big, big step and it feels awesome!)

9) fell in love again 🙂 (we’re close to 7 years of marriage now, so here’s to defeating the 7 year itch!)

There are so many more things that happen in a year, many that make one happy and those that can count as accomplishments. But, this is not a post to talk about ‘2012 in review’. It is more to recount the small steps I might have taken knowingly, to grab my pieces of happiness.

I am happy with the way this year turned out and am excited to see what 2013 brings!