Embrace the winter!

Embrace the winter — this is easier said than done! Take it from a summer loving, winter hating person!!

Especially when temperatures have dropped another 10 degrees in the last 2 weeks, going from cold (41F) to freezing (26F).  And I will not lie, it did suck to come back to work yesterday and I overslept today and barely made it to work in time.

But, despite the chilling temperatures, I have decided that I will not be in hibernation mode and make the most of it.

1) Be active

I already started working out again, not outside but still I am not giving in to the urge to get home early and laze around on the couch.

2) Layer up, get some sun, or just be outside, even for short periods of time.

I am getting out there at lunch time, walking around. I bundle up enough to not freeze and the little nip in the air feels good. Sometimes this results in watery eyes and a bright red nose (hello Rudolph!).

3) Enjoy your hot drinks – warm teas, hot coffees, even soups

My favorite indulgence – a hot mint mocha!

4) There are so many fun winter time activities to get out and do

                              – plan a skiing/snowboarding trip
                              – go snow tubing or sledding!
                              – ice-skating — if you are new at this, try learning indoors and then have fun with it outdoors


5) We will still eventually find ourselves spending more time at home than usual. There will be those snow days when you can’t even make it out to your driveway, forget actually getting out! Make the most of it, read that book you’ve been putting off, upload those photos you didn’t get around to sharing yet, start that craft or DIY project that you haven’t found time for yet.


We can’t let winter drag our spirits down, we will wage a war against it and come out shining!


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