My dad taught me..

My dad taught me a lot of good things in life, and anyone who ever listened to their parents when they talk, might learn something from it! So here, I’m going to share a lesson  that helps me to this day and is the one thing that has stood true for me and comes back to me whenever I am working toward a goal.

The Gita has one most important quote:

“Karm karo, fal ki chinta mat karo”

This translates to – Focus on the work, don’t worry about the results. If you concentrate on the task at hand, without being obsessed with the horizon that you want to touch, the results of your hard work will follow.

My dad repeated this to me many times during my life as I was working toward something and was nervous about the result

  •  When I was studying for an exam, and was tensed about whether I would pass or not
  •  Working on college applications, I was unsure of what the future held for me
  •  Applying for jobs, I wasn’t sure where I would end up

There are so many such situations in life, when we are so worried about the outcome that we let it eat into the process of actually working to achieve a successful result. We need to remember that we can only control the amount and quality of effort we put in to get there, and let the rest happen on its own. Sometimes it will work in your favor,  sometime it won’t, but then you just start again.

In the end, if we know that we were true to ourselves and put in our best, that is what really counts.


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