1/Ithaca, N.Y., USA

The Musing Travelog

ithaca farmers marketA mellow little town with a ton of character.

The major part of town is Cornell University, a hilly area with some nice pubs to hang out at. I don’t know how students walk up those steep sidewalks after a night out!

The beauty of Ithaca though was in the ruddy canal that runs into the lake. There was a tiny little breakfast shack along the canal that looked worth trying. On a nice day, its fun to take a kayak into the lake or if you are not brave enough like me, take one of the boat tours!

They take you around a fair way into the lake and you can see some lucky folks lounging about in hammocks, having barbeques or generally congregating and having a good time in the gardens of their summer lake houses. Many of them have boats moored to posts or housed in sheds.

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