Music Inspiration – What makes you beautiful


Hey, the popularity contest is over. Didn’t get the memo?

It was over a while ago. It’s all about you now. It’s always been. It’s all those insecure people that have nothing but that sense of ‘belonging’ anchoring them that live by them anyway. You? You could stand out on your own, out there on a cliff with waves crashing about you, and stand strong through it.

Did you forget the time you were fun, all on your own too? Karaoke with a hairbrush, Sunday morning brunches, walks on the beach, sitting by the window sill making crazy art, or prancing about..that was all you! What happened?

No time?
Had kids?
Grew up??

So what!

Did someone give you a checklist of what you need to be when you’re all grown up? No! It’s yours to write.

These are the things that made you, you. And you have to continue being that person. You don’t enjoy all the things your friends/family/everyone else does and neither do they, but if we all started blending into each other’s likes and dislikes, we would all be one giant mass of goop!

So, remember those times that you forgot about the rest of the world and smiled by yourself. Do that thing again. Take the time out, it might take an effort in the beginning. It’s a change and may not come easy but you can do it. It is what’s going to keep that spark alive and keep you going as you keep getting older and older 😉


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