Color blocked.

Just for fun, try explaining the concept of  ‘color blocking’ to a member of the opposite sex. The result is an expression of amusement, then confusion resulting in many comical questions. I tried to explain how color blocking is two or more usually contrasting colors coming together in one outfit. After which point all your outfits are color blocked. Yeah,  they don’t get it!

Personally speaking, this is not a trend I’ve embraced dearly. I feel like in a top or dress it just cuts you in pieces. Even though I come in the ‘petite’ variety, I’ve seen taller people wear it and don’t feel like it does them justice either.

The way I would rock this trend is by wearing contrasting color tops with bottoms (for example, a forest green top with navy blue pants or an oxblood top with an orange skirt) to give the colors some breadth. Or, by way of accessories like a color blocked tote, bracelet or cap toe flats in contrasting colors.

Here are some of my favorite color blocked pieces:


Color blocked.

Kate Spade color block dress / Color block dress / Tall dress, $50 / Tommy Hilfiger cotton dress, $230 / Calvin Klein colorblock dress / Purple Colorblock Monokini / Cut out wedge / Madewell suede pumps / Colorblock shoes / Maison Martin Margiela wide shoes / Marc Jacobs block shoes / Coach leather cross body handbag / Loeffler Randall leather handbag / Cole Haan cross body handbag / Coach leather bag / Pink jewelry, $22 / Amrita Singh jewelry / Marc by Marc Jacobs leather jewelry / Caputo Co bracelet / May 28th plastic jewelry / Sole Society

Maroon5 Madness @ Madison Square Garden

Maroon5 concertMy (slight ;)) obsession with Maroon5 and then of course Adam Levine started a few months ago. I had definitely heard their songs before but for some reason, they never clung to me. It may have been their songs playing incessantly on the radio or maybe one particular song that had me hooked. Then, of course I started spotting him everywhere – on the Voice (I never watch that show) and then Saturday Night Live. On a separate note, the SNL show with Adam Levine was pretty entertaining – Jerry Seinfeld and Cameron Diaz also made an appearance.

So anyway, when I heard about their tour I really, really wanted to go. I started asking friends and although some were fans, most couldn’t go on the said dates for various reasons — having a baby (ok, really can’t get away from that), not going to be in town or you know, the reasons one has when you are not that interested. I had almost given up going when I randomly asked a neighbor who is also a friend if she would like to go. Thankfully, she said yes and tickets were promptly bought!

After at least 2 months of waiting and counting, the day finally arrived and we were excited to make the 2 hour trip in to NYC to attend the concert. We arrived in the city almost in time to get dinner before the show. Now, the thing about NYC is that unless you are in The Village or some such area, it is actually pretty hard to find a decent place to eat. Yes, that is hard to believe for a place like NYC but true to my experience when wandering in streets around Times Square or Madison Square Garden or the Rockefeller Center.

We turned a corner near Madison Square Garden and found ourselves in even shadier surroundings. We were running out of time, so quickly chose a place where the cuisine didn’t stand out but looked like a nice place for a meal.

With dinner out of the way, we were now pretty excited to be heading in to see the concert. We had both never been to Madison Square Garden before and had high expectations from the venue, having heard so much about it. After figuring out that were standing at the end of a very long but wrong line, we finally made our way in.

I was wondering what kind of age group would be attending this concert. We had gone to an Usher concert a few years prior and we found ourselves surrounded by teenyboppers clad in club like clothing. The audience here looked like a fair mix of 20s, 30s and then some 40s and beyond. So we fit right in 😉 The funny thing was that we were seated next to a bunch of 5 kids below the age of 12. I’m only about 30 myself and not very conservative, but a pre-teen girl singing ‘One More Night’ doesn’t quite sound right to me. There was also this lady who must have been near the age of 70 we spotted going absolutely gaga over Levine and we couldn’t stop laughing (sorry lady in pink sweater!).

Although our seats were at the rear side, front row of the second level (best I could find, given the lateness of booking them. We were lucky to actually have seats together at this point!), we both agreed that the view was not half bad. Especially when Adam Levine, decided to face our way and sing. The other alternative would have been to have seats way in the back, where you would only be staring at the screen to get a look.

So..on to the actual concert..

The show was to be opened by Neon Trees, followed by Owl City and then Maroon5. It started a good hour late, we expected it to be at least a half hour but oh well. Neon Trees performed well, and I thought that they are so good and have made it so far but had they got stuck in an American Idol kind of rut they wouldn’t have made it at all.

Owl City was to appear next, but after 45 minutes of glancing at our watches, it didn’t look like that was going to happen. I had heard before about how some singers kept crowds waiting for hours or didn’t make an appearance at all. I didn’t mind missing Owl City too much, but it would be good to know. Well, the good thing was that we got a big surprise when Maroon5 came on stage!

And oh my– they did not disappoint. So much energy and charisma, most people were standing through the concert. I envied all those people standing at touching distance to the M-shaped stage, but considering how much they must have paid for their tickets, I enjoyed the show from my seat.

Adam Levine animated the entire audience, pulled them into singing with him. I also had no idea that he could play the guitar like that. The group sang most of their popular songs. Near the end of the concert, a bridge came down to connect the main stage to a smaller stage closer to the middle of the stadium. We both thought the singing was awesome, of course, apart from Adam Levine himself.

Madison Square Garden was not as spectacular as it’s name. It is basically a venue that’s been around for ages and many famous artists have played there. Maroon5 themselves were humbled to be playing to a full audience here. They recalled the times they played to empty bars, only bartenders, audiences of 5 and now to a sold out Madison Square Garden — what a journey!

Flower Power! Outfit #2 – floral jeans

The second outfit idea in the Flower Power series — floral denims. A popular trend right now, these are a few ways that they can be styled.

Flower Power! Outfit #3 – floral jeans

Equipment cashmere sweater / Button up shirt, $75 / VILA knit top, $51 / Skinny fit jeans / Stella McCartney patterned skinny jeans, $620 / J Brand super skinny jeans, $155 / Topshop / Mint shoes / Ballet shoes, $150

The problem maybe ‘YOU’

Another valuable lesson taught to me by my dad..

Every time I complained about someone or something to my dad, or my mood was sour because of something someone did, he would turn it around and question me. “Why is it that this person only affects you this way. If he/she were really that way, everyone would dislike them”. I also developed my arguing technique over the years and debated that ‘the person had different interactions with their parents and family so obviously they wouldn’t be affected in the same manner’. Well, that’s all well and good, but it still doesn’t account for all the other people that don’t mind being around them.

Alright, hard to win that one.

So, his point was not to say that you have to be in love with everyone, and never have any hard feelings against anyone. One would have to be a saint for that and that takes too many years of practice in isolation to be!

He was trying to explain to me that if this person’s words or actions were affecting me in this manner, and I wanted to change that, then  there were 2 factors — their behavior and mine. There was absolutely no control I had on them, so that left some work to be done on myself.

One needs to understand that they have very little to no control over people and their surroundings. So,  one needs to give up the hope of always giving someone their piece of mind in order to change how you feel.

We discuss this sometimes in our meditation group, and everyone’s perspectives are interesting. This seems to be a goal that most of us share — to not let others affect us by making us agitated, angry and ruining our day.

“I gave way to this person who was cutting me in traffic today because if I didn’t it would cause a lot more hassle to everyone else” 

“I smiled at this person who I would have normally gotten mad and yelled at because of what they did, and it felt weirdly right!”

“I gave them metta (loving kindness) when that was definitely not what was on my mind” 

It doesn’t work all the time, I think it is a skill that can be honed over time for interacting with most people. And then there are some that no matter what you do, can still get on your nerves. If it gets to a level where you are surrounded by people who you are not happy to be around, then it may be time to get yourself out of that environment or away from it. A slightly tweaked version of the technique would work for these — keep your distance and don’t let them affect you. You should not let it change who you are as a person, or affect your confidence or personality.

But at all other times, keep calm and smile 🙂