The Steal: Valentino rock-studs

I have been lusting after these Valentino rock-studs for months now. Celebrities everywhere have been spotted wearing these god-awesome Valentino rock-studs in the form of flats, kitten heels and sling-backs. Olivia Munn, Alexa Chung, Ashley Tisdale, Emma Stone, Brooklyn Decker, Nicky Hilton are a few to name.

Celebs rocking Valentino rock-studs

Here are the beauts:

Valentino rock-stud collection

Since I haven’t made it in Hollywood yet, I do not own a pair of the above. I looked far and wide, and it would be a travesty to say that any other pair of shoes look like them. The red pair from Sole Society do come pretty close though (and with a price tag of $49.95 too). These are the studded sandals that I think did justice to this style —

Studded shoes
Pura López studded shoes / Zara studded shoes / Martine

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