Check-ing it out


Marc Jacobs’s  act to unleash the enlarged checkerboard pattern on runways  in full swing seems like the perfect ploy to immortalize Louis Vuitton’s Damier pattern for which the brand is so well recognized.

damier pattern

Celebrities are flocking to don the pattern in all shapes and forms — gowns, dresses, jump suits and mini dresses.

Recovered Autosave

If like many mere mortals, you are unable to get your hands on a Louis Vuitton version of this trend, try one of these pieces to get your checks on…

Check-ing it out

How to style: Crop tops

Crop tops came around last summer and are here in a big way this year. If you are bold enough to wear this trend, I would style it like below. Rather than looking like a slacker or a hobo, pairing it with a maxi skirt and a structured bag gives it an edge.

How to style: Crop tops

..and that is how colored jeans saved the world!

dark clouds

The world was a dull, dark and dreary place. People everywhere were seen wearing blue, black or stone-washed jeans as a wardrobe staple and pairing them with any odd top apparently dressed it up. They were worn all the time from a work day to a date, a day in the park to a coffee meet or cocktail hour.

Black and blue

Then, one day, a visionary (I don’t know who, as my search doesn’t bring up anything about who first made the design choice to switch from blue jeans) got the bright idealightbulb1 that color could not only be work on top but on the bottom too.

Suddenly, a wave of color spread all over the world. There were contrasts and combinations and people were dressing them up and down and every which way.

Colored jeans

Things went even further from there and patterns came into play — there were florals, polka dots, stripes, tie-dyes, batiks and geometrics.

Printed jeans

And so, colored jeans saved the world!

🙂 Keep smiling

Trend: (Fugly) flatforms

I guess the title of this post declares my feelings for this style of shoes. I am warming up to them slowly, but I would be more willing to try any other form of shoes before I wear these. I don’t know what it is about them, maybe it’s the stodgy –  ‘I really don’t care’ look or just that there aren’t too many outfits that I would like to pair them with..

They could have been Urban Outfitters meets Anthropologie at a laid-back coffee shop, but are bordering on drab. If I was wearing these, I would wear them with a maxi dress to pull off a California boho chic look.

Here’s a collection of flatforms that might make you feel like putting them on this spring and summer —

Fugly Flatforms

Topshop / Peeptoe shoes / Madison Harding tie wedge / Sports trainer / Topshop sandals / Madison Harding

Trend Report: Insect Jewelry

Insect inspired jewelry is popping up everywhere, seen here on Blake Lively. I am not sure how far I would go to embrace this trend as I am a bit of an entomophobe. I do like butterflies though and think lady bugs are cute. Dragon flies seem to the more popular bug currently. Which of these pieces would you wear?


Trend Alert: Insect Inspired Jewelry

How to rock neon

Neons are a trend right now, but for many incorporating colors into their wardrobe is a challenge, let alone such bright colors.

Here are 3 outfits with either a tinge or a splash of neon showing how it can be worn up or down.

How to rock neon

VILA transparent shirt / Jigsaw t shirt / VILA / Ichi mesh jacket / Acne skinny leg jeans / Alice + Olivia / Leather strappy sandals / TOMS espadrille / T-strap shoes / H&M bracelet ring / White House Black Market jewelry

I’m not a hoarder!

That’s what we all say, right? My excuse is that I have all the space in the world to house everything I own. So I can avoid throwing or giving something away and hold on to it just that little bit longer.

But, when a neighbor mentioned ‘I feel like some people need these clothes more than I do’, it struck a chord with me. Rather than procrastinating and waiting for my seasonal clean-ups I should be more proactive about giving away the things that I truly don’t use or need.

My basic rule is that if I didn’t wear that article of clothing last year in the same season then it’s time for it to go. If it’s good quality, I might hold on to it a little longer, but two years is the absolute maximum. This does come back to bite you as you start getting older and fashions start coming back around, but in the world of fast fashion these days, unless an item is a classic or you spent a small fortune on it, it is not worth holding on to it.

Going through this exercise helps to remove clutter from your house and wardrobe and gives you an excuse to re-arrange things to suit your needs. You no longer need to stare at endless shelves of clothing and yet have the ‘I have nothing to wear’ syndrome. The more clothes one has, the harder it is to choose and the longer it takes to get dressed every morning. If you don’t believe me, try putting together one shelf of clothes that you wear the most and only wear clothes from there for a week, see if you don’t get dressed faster every morning. It is also said that we wear 20% of our shoes for 80% of the time so the same rule applies.

With all those unwanted clothes gone and empty shelf space, it’s a great excuse to go shopping!