I’m not a hoarder!

That’s what we all say, right? My excuse is that I have all the space in the world to house everything I own. So I can avoid throwing or giving something away and hold on to it just that little bit longer.

But, when a neighbor mentioned ‘I feel like some people need these clothes more than I do’, it struck a chord with me. Rather than procrastinating and waiting for my seasonal clean-ups I should be more proactive about giving away the things that I truly don’t use or need.

My basic rule is that if I didn’t wear that article of clothing last year in the same season then it’s time for it to go. If it’s good quality, I might hold on to it a little longer, but two years is the absolute maximum. This does come back to bite you as you start getting older and fashions start coming back around, but in the world of fast fashion these days, unless an item is a classic or you spent a small fortune on it, it is not worth holding on to it.

Going through this exercise helps to remove clutter from your house and wardrobe and gives you an excuse to re-arrange things to suit your needs. You no longer need to stare at endless shelves of clothing and yet have the ‘I have nothing to wear’ syndrome. The more clothes one has, the harder it is to choose and the longer it takes to get dressed every morning. If you don’t believe me, try putting together one shelf of clothes that you wear the most and only wear clothes from there for a week, see if you don’t get dressed faster every morning. It is also said that we wear 20% of our shoes for 80% of the time so the same rule applies.

With all those unwanted clothes gone and empty shelf space, it’s a great excuse to go shopping!


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