..and that is how colored jeans saved the world!

dark clouds

The world was a dull, dark and dreary place. People everywhere were seen wearing blue, black or stone-washed jeans as a wardrobe staple and pairing them with any odd top apparently dressed it up. They were worn all the time from a work day to a date, a day in the park to a coffee meet or cocktail hour.

Black and blue

Then, one day, a visionary (I don’t know who, as my search doesn’t bring up anything about who first made the design choice to switch from blue jeans) got the bright idealightbulb1 that color could not only be work on top but on the bottom too.

Suddenly, a wave of color spread all over the world. There were contrasts and combinations and people were dressing them up and down and every which way.

Colored jeans

Things went even further from there and patterns came into play — there were florals, polka dots, stripes, tie-dyes, batiks and geometrics.

Printed jeans

And so, colored jeans saved the world!

🙂 Keep smiling


2 thoughts on “..and that is how colored jeans saved the world!

  1. I fink there are 2 reasons for any new thing coming in Vogue.

    1) Evolution.
    2) Repetition.

    Evolution is when small experiments are tried with the existing product & eventually results in a new product all together.

    Eg:- salwaar found similarity in leggings & got easily replaced. As kurtas became shorter they could be passed off as a top, so that’s when the kurta leggings turned to top leggings. Leggings then got complimented with jeggings. Full lengths are being replaced with 3/4th lengths also skin colored leggings also being accepted etc. Moving slowly towards skirts…

  2. Repetition is simply when consumers get bored of exploring possibilities in the same product. The designers go back to history and reintroduce something that used to be in fashion with a tinge of today’s color pallet.

    The colored denim might just be a result of the same.

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