Check-ing it out


Marc Jacobs’s  act to unleash the enlarged checkerboard pattern on runways  in full swing seems like the perfect ploy to immortalize Louis Vuitton’s Damier pattern for which the brand is so well recognized.

damier pattern

Celebrities are flocking to don the pattern in all shapes and forms — gowns, dresses, jump suits and mini dresses.

Recovered Autosave

If like many mere mortals, you are unable to get your hands on a Louis Vuitton version of this trend, try one of these pieces to get your checks on…

Check-ing it out

2 thoughts on “Check-ing it out

  1. The runway pattern projects the bold side of women. Using the motive in such big sizes further enhances the strong character more confidently.

  2. The small black & white checks are more like the F1 flag which would mean sporty. Which doesn’t gel with LV. That is why may be the size of the motive has been exaggerated.

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