What kind of traveler are you?

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There are all types of travelers —

a) those that like to stay in a hotel – people that like to spend most of their vacation time in their hotel room or in and around a hotel. They like to experience the most from their vacation in the hotel.

b) all inclusive resort travelers – people who like an all paid vacation where the resort offers many facilities to keep one entertained for a few days, maybe a nice pool, beach and water activities, events for hotel guests.

c) long term travelers – folks who take off for more than a few weeks to do some detailed traveling

d) caravan travelers – people who prefer to cook their eggs in their own way each morning and don’t like the stuffiness of hotels. Also usually in the category of long term travelers unless they are trying it for the experience or own their own caravan and drive it down to the shore over the weekend

e) RV travelers – people who like their space (so a caravan just won’t do!) with their few creature comforts and are not afraid of maneuvering large vehicles

f) solo travelers – who like to experience life with or without anyone by their side, not afraid to be in a new place by themselves, don’t feel lonely when they are alone, will usually share a drink or two with strangeres and make friends along the way.

g) thorough travelers – travelers who plan everything to the T and have an itinerary in mind for each day of the vacation. Going traveling with them will probably not feel like an aimlessly relaxing holiday.

h) relaxed travelers – people who go for a holiday to de-stress. This may involve laying on the beach endlessly for days, wandering around without a plan and not caring about what they ‘accomplished’ on the trip

i) revelers – people who like a good party. A vacation needs to involve at least a few good parties, a lot of drinking and checking out all the cool spots in town.

j) luxury travelers – nothing but the best hotels will do, price no matter. Be it an eco-lodge, a resort, a hotel or any other kind of establishment, it has to boast five stars or more. Any further inland travel will also be done comfortably and luxuriously with no expense spared.

k) adventure seekers – people who like to go over the edge, even if just a little bit. Their entire vacation may not be centered around thrill seeking activities,but  they will find an opportunity to indulge in some daring exercise.

l) backpackers – this variety needs no description. It’s the traveler that is happy to go traveling with 6 sets of clothes and is out to explore and experience travel from each pore of their body. They can overlap with some other kinds of travelers described above but deserve to be in a category of their own.

m) weekenders – folks who rarely travel for more than a weekend. It could be for any number of reasons, but that is the most amount of travel they can handle at a time.

n) campers – setting up camp and living it out the natural way is what appeals to some. It may be coupled with other activities like rafting or trekking, campfires at night, grilling freshly caught fish over a fire or watching the stars at night.

o) honeymooners – yes i know, most people go on a honeymoon, but I reserve this category for people that will go for a grand honeymoon, but that will probably be the only major trip they will make in their lifetime.

p) family vacationers – people who travel with their family, kids, pets and all in tow. Sometimes, this could involve relatives, near and far — parents, in-laws, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles.

q) travelers with pets – for some traveling with their beloved pet is not a pain, they will not go anywhere without them. This may involve buying a box on the plane, or even a seat.

r) travelers with kids – folks who don’t feel like they should leave their kids behind and then it’s a vacation. They enjoy having the kids around and holidaying with them.

I haven’t called out LGBT travelers because from my perspective they are not a different ‘category’ of travelers. There are accommodations that cater to this group specifically but that doesn’t mean that the way they travel differs from anyone else.

So, what kind of traveler are you? Do you like mixing it up or take it one way?

Some people are intensive sight-seers, taking their travel very seriously..some like their vacations long..some go the short highlights way, some go to enjoy the food and night life.

Whatever your style, the whole point of a vacation is to enjoy it, so however you do it make sure you come back having made the most of it in your own way 🙂



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