Road Trips!

This is how all of our family trips started — we would be all packed and ready to go. Our tickets would be booked on a train or flight.

Two days before we were due to depart, we would see my dad open a massive map on the dining table and start poring over it. That’s when we knew — it was going to be a road trip!!

Excitement would then start rolling over the household. My brother and I would be besides ourselves. My mom on the other hand would resign herself to this trip but I imagine our energetic excitement probably kept her going.

I would start putting together my ‘walkman’ (yes, this is 15 years ago!) and CDs or music cassettes together for the trip. My younger brother obviously needed a kit of his own but wouldn’t know what would go in it.

Food bags were put together for the journey — as usually, these road trips could span a whole day or two.

My dad’s logic to convert these trips into road trips was that we would not be at the mercy of the train or flight schedule and our itinerary would not be limited by its trajectory. If we saw something interesting on the way, we could stop and take a look. And he was always proven right about this. The route was scenic, we usually hit an unplanned spot that we got to explore and we made fun food stops along the way.

So, in the following posts I will talk about other places that we visited and how the road trip made it all the more fun!

The other fun road trip I did was right after we finished college, when my then boyfriend (now husband!) and his friend decided to start a business and took me along for the ride. We drove from Melbourne in the south-east of Australia all the way to Northern Queensland — a distance of about 1700 km or 851 miles in 3 months making lots of fun, unexpected stops along the way.

What is your favorite mode of travel and why?


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