Mixing it up – Prints and Patterns

Back in the day, mixing prints and patterns was anti-fashion and you would get funny looks if you did it.   Now, it is the coolest thing to do. The better you can do it, the more layered and put together you can look.

If you’re wondering how to get on this bandwagon, here’s 3 easy ways to mix prints and patterns in a fashionable way.

1) Stripes have been done so much that they are a more a basic than a print now. Throw them on with a pair of floral denims and voila, you have one cute looking outfit that is so put together in a French way.

Prints and Patterns
J.Crew color block shirt / Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren skinny leg jeans / Zara flat shoes / Zara handbag / Humble Chic multiple chain necklace

2)  Stripes have won people over so much so that its close cousin the check has been overlooked in the process. Here’s a check top paired with a jacquard skirt, a print and pattern that go well together.

Prints and Patterns - Outfit #2

French Connection short sleeve t shirt / Zara pleated skirt / Report studded sandals / Forever 21 lightweight handbag

3) Polka dots and the leopard print are also a much adored print/pattern. Why not put them together? In this color palette they make a delectable combination.

Prints and Patterns - Outfit #3

J.Crew frilly shirt / Ann Taylor / White shoes / ASOS


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