That lovely feeling

I have a feeling it kicks in at the airport, draws me in – maybe it’s something in the air or just being there, with my bags, going somewhere. Where everyone is there to just get on their plane or is getting off it.

The hedonistic feel of leaving it all behind, if only for a few days or weeks. Not that your real life sucks, but getting away from seeing mail that is just more bills, dishes to be washed, food to be cooked and getting up each morning to go to work is a godsend once in a while.

It is very likely that when you travel somewhere, you fall so in love with the place that you start wondering how it would be to live there. It’s like your first love, when you met for the first time. No presumptions, prejudices or expectations, just happy to be there, in the moment.

There are many factors that get us thinking on these lines.  And the reason this works is that we push behind all other logical reasoning around why living there as compared to visiting may not be such a grand idea after all.

1. The weather is divine.

Chances are that the weather is nice, since you probably chose to be there during such a time. At this time, you are not thinking about the harshest weather conditions there, the chilly winds or the sun singeing your skin.

Or, you’re expecting it. There better be a good amount of snow the weekend you plan to go skiing there.

2. It is beautiful.

It’s so beautiful, of course it is. You saw so many breathtaking pictures of the place that it practically sucked you there by sheer physical force. Probably don’t get this view from the window of your suburban home, do you?

3. Being carefree

Days on end when all you have to think about is where to eat your next meal or what else you want in that omelet at breakfast or how to fill the rest of the day. The wind blowing in your hair as you take on one coastline after another, one beach chair after another.

It is far away from the humdrum of a rented or mortgaged life. The bed is always made and the meals are always served.

4. Just me/us two

No distractions of social appointments or commitments and all the time to spare with each other and then some. Or with the friends you chose to be there with.

This is your time to read a book on the beach or sleep or take long walks, take on more museums than gelato or watch the sun go down for any amount of time. To humor yourself in any way you plan to.

5. No time-table

The clock’s not ticking to get you out of bed, the morning commute does not exist. No rush, no routine. Unless you have a full day of fun activities planned of course.

6. Novelty

There are those who don’t like things much different from what they are used to. But for most of the human race, novelty does actually rock their boat. It may be an infinitesimal happiness but it will attach itself to a crevice of your subconscious mind and come back to you at random moments to make you smile.

Sometimes, it’s the food you try. The squid ink pasta that you never tried back home or the dish that you can’t even pronounce the name of but absolutely love or the tacos off the street that you are so scared to see the outcome of but will give in to.

At other times, it’s the new experiences. Snorkeling in clear blue waters, hand gliding over a city, diving with sharks, rubbing a koala bear or boarding over desert dunes. All the times that add up to “remember that time when we..?”

On our travels we also meet new people and discover more about the place, sometimes even forge friendships with them.

Maybe we are just clinging on for a little bit more, and really, why not?